Behind the Dye

Established in 2020.

Bittersweet Dyes started out as a little hobby that began after my first year of college. My daughter and I needed a positive way to express ourselves. Tie dye allowed her to be chaotic and creative while it allowed me to be myself. It was a way to express my artistic abilities again while creating art for friends and family. Part of me knew this could be come more than something I did just for fun. Never did I expect it to turn into this, yet I have never felt more thankful. 

Without the support of my closest friends to complete strangers and my continuous love for art, we would not be here today. Knowing that this was built with the strongest foundation, I am so confident in our future. 

I am currently pursuing my 3rd degree at SUNY Canton for Management, raising my daughter, and creating art to share with the world. 

Thank you for spreading your love for textile arts with us. 

Stay groovy, forever with my love. Maria, Owner of Bittersweet Dyes

Learn More About My Journey

Where did you learn how to tie dye?

I am still learning everyday, but initially...I learned from many different sources. Starting with just a basic Google search, I began to take notes on just the essentials needed to tie dye. It was a rabbit hole from there for me. I began watching Youtube videos from other dyers of various skill levels. Facebook Groups took me in their grasps as well. It is a big and plentiful community with such a broad interpretation of the art form.

Where do you get your inspiration?

It comes and goes with varying factors.

Music, my daughter, color palette, and so much more. The fluidity of art allows for one to appreciate each moment and transfer it onto something physical, in this case fabric!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will have sold tie dye in all 50 states and to a few more international countries. Along with reaching more people, I would like to have a grant/scholarship worth at least $5,000 dollars to go to a college student that went through something that has put that at a disadvantage in life. To finish this off, I would like to just like my family to be happy, genuinely happy.

You want to know something personal?

My life has not been a fairy tale, nor has it been a tragic tale. I like to think I sit somewhere in between. Each moment shaped me, but the most notable ones?

Being able to learn who I was, in clothing, makeup, friends, and experiences.

Dealing with ignorance in racism and learning how to love anyways.

Going through the foster care system.

Graduating highschool with a baby.

Each has taught me something vital and showed me how to truly appreciate some of the most simple things in life. We all come from different paths, but we can all come together just as easily.

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